By Sunny Lowe on May 16th, 2014 in News and Events

Blue Jean Networks is seeking a new Level 2 or Level 3 Network Engineer holding an MCSE in 2012 or an MCITP in 2008. A typical person that would succeed in this position would be a leader in everything they do, rising to the top of the challenges they face. The applicant must be really smart, as this is a puzzle fixing, error finding position, working as a consultant in multiple companies’ networks.

To be successful, an applicant should have great follow through in tasks, evidenced in their life by completed projects, good study habits, disciplined work in clubs and social situations, etc. There are lots of ways to prove this, but just knowledge is not enough to hold a position like this.

DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED if you are young, but have been disciplined to get certifications that prove you know your stuff.
You don’t have to have an MCSE or MCITP, but lack of these in an experienced professional is an indicator of failure to progress in the disciplines of their career, so don’t apply without these unless you have run major networks as a senior engineer for some time.

We will test you thoroughly to get this position, and grade A candidates will not mind this at all, seeing it as a chance to prove their excellence. Tests will include psychological tests to determine your level of caring for others, as well as the methods you use in your environment to work, and the level of your technical understanding.
This is a client facing position, and that should not be underestimated. A winner here will have the ability to talk with amateurs and professionals, holding their own in any conversation, but not insisting with pride or arrogance, but rather, focused on listening and offering hope to frustrated clients.