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I.T. for growing companies of 20-200 employees

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Blue Jean Networks doesn’t just support your technology, we improve your business so you can grow faster.


free yourself from I.T. hassles and focus on what you do best.

You’re not in the I.T. business, you are in your business. Technology shouldn’t hold you back from doing your best work. Thriving companies like you can have the same technology advantage as a Fortune 500 company by adding Blue Jean Networks to your team.


Don’t just prevent lost productivity, get extra hours every week!


Don’t settle for reactive repairs, you deserve proactive support!


Don’t just manage your technology, grow your business!


Professional I.T. support that pays for itself.

Too often, technology has a way of holding back growing companies and that’s incredibly frustrating.

Our clients agree with Blue Jean Networks. BJN believes that not only should technology never hold you back, it ought to empower you. Our clients find our unique approach works so well that they can confidently say,

“BJN’s service pays for itself!”

We reclaim hours of lost productivity from our employees: that’s service that pays for itself.

Our technology is faster and more responsive: that’s service that pays for itself.

Our I.T. is flexible enough to keep up with our expanding business: that’s service that pays for itself.

Imagine what you could do with:

Enhanced Productivity

80% fewer technical issues

A system that grows with your company

More than 40 companies in Fort Worth and Dallas already have this competitive edge.

Through BJN, their I.T. worries no longer hold them back. Their genius shines through, and they can concentrate on what makes them great.

3 Steps to

Hassle Free I.T. Services

#1 Talk with us

We discuss your goals and how we can best serve your company.

#2 Upgrade your I.T.

We implement the necessary technology and migrate you seamlessly.

#3 Get Tech Support that Pays for Itself

Increase productivity while saving time and money.

Our Tru-Pro™ Techs make the difference.

Techs from most I.T. companies have one or fewer certifications. BJN Tru-Pros™ average 10 to 20 different certifications. That means our clients do have a problem, it is diagnosed, analyzed, and corrected faster, and they stay up and running.

The experts at Blue Jean Networks always have the right answer to our I.T. needs.

They are responsive, highly experienced and keep our server and network system up and running so we can focus on our business. Craig A. (Local Oil Firm)

+ 80% Fewer I.T. issues

+ Increased Productivity

+ Flat Monthly Fee

+ No Technical Jargon

+ Money-back Guarantee

+ Kind Experts on Call

We bring Fortune 500-level I.T. support to businesses in Fort Worth and Dallas

Blue Jean Networks is more than the answer you’ve been looking for.

We’re the I.T. company you need.


Reduce hassles & lost productivity

End expensive surprise tech fees

Experience 80% fewer tech issues

It all begins with our Tru-Proactive™ system

Whatever industry you’re in, however many users you have, with BJN you add an I.T. network – informed by vast experience – that is both intelligent and proactive.

What is “intelligent?”

Designed not only to be powerful and stable, when you add BJN, your systems incorporate real-world experience that has been earned over years of hard work.

By adding BJN, you now know the pitfalls and errors that can lie in wait for complex I.T. infrastructures.

You will go beyond “best practices,” and have a system that could only be created by hard-won knowledge.

What is “proactive”?

Other I.T. firms react to technology problems as they happen. You wait hours – or days – to see a technician, even longer to have the issue fixed, and then get billed for the privilege.

The Tru-Proactive™ system is built from the ground up to prevent up to 80% of the issues that other I.T. firms consider “normal”! And you get it all for one flat monthly payment – no surprise invoices, no unexpected bills.

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