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What Makes BJN so Different?

Your business needs sophistication and security to protect your company’s IT and data. Blue Jean Networks provides tools and processes that grow alongside your business’s needs.From IT strategies, processes, and tools, our dedicated team gives your business and employees the ability to succeed.

Other Managed IT companies bring basic tools to the table, marginal staff, and lack process or strategy for their clients. Blue Jean Networks uses our skills and resources to support your business through our key framework, the Tru-Proactive™ process framework. It includes over 400 settings in your network that other Managed Service Providers (MSPs) miss. You don’t have to worry about that with our team. We get it right.

Creating the Tru-Proactive™ Framework

Most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) will claim they are proactive about taking care of your network. However, more often than not, they are entirely reactive. We know because we were just like them. We monitored our client’s network and tried to fix stuff before they noticed it was broken. The result is that 95% of what we did was reactive.

We knew you deserved better.

So what is the problem exactly?

A monitoring-only IT solution has two problems:

  1. Monitoring is not actually “proactive.” Instead, monitoring allows a company to see an issue and respond to it. Once the Managed Service Provider gets the alert that there is a problem, they quickly try and fix it before you realize an issue has ever occurred. While this may keep your system running, it doesn’t help improve your network’s defenses. It also doesn’t allow time for learning, so MSPs can stop future problems before they occur.
  2. Most network and security issues do not fall into easily discoverable methods. For example, whether your server’s power cord is plugged into the correct port on your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) cannot be told from a monitor running on the PC.

If you get services from an MSP that is only “reactive,” you and the MSP are stuck in an endless cycle where your business’s growth and security are stunted. More alerts come in, more time is consumed fixing them, and less time is made to improve your network.

Blue Jean Networks used to be in this horrible cycle until we had a different thought. “What if we could set up a network right the first time? What if each year, we checked back to see if it was still set up correctly? What if we added in improvements when we learned about them?”

We realized that if we could do this, we could eliminate tons of reactive issues and use the extra time to develop strategies to minimize threats and improve our services for our clients.

The result was stronger networks and endless growth potential for our clients.

This is how we came to invent Tru-Proactive™.

What Is Tru-Proactive™?

Tru-Proactive™ eliminates half of all reactive work. When a client has an issue, we use it to learn more about what risks and challenges they face. Once we solve the problem, we create a new process to secure the network so that the same alert will not come back again. This is being truly Proactive.

What Can You Expect from Tru-Proactive™?

Tru-Proactive™ has identified over 400 threats and possible problems that must be dealt with on your network and checked regularly to ensure they don’t happen. These threats and potential issues include:

We created a 12-month programmed maintenance interval (PMI) schedule to check your system’s network and fix potential problems. This ensures that everything is running properly.Tru-Proactive™ is filled with checks and balances, allowing your network to grow and develop alongside your business. You will never have to worry about paying more to improve your system. Blue Jean Networks does all this and more for one flat monthly price. That is the Blue Jean promise. Contact Blue Jean Networks today for more information on our Tru-Proactive™ or for an estimate.