Managed IT Services

Man typing on laptop computerWhen your technology goes down, not only is time wasted but your money is lost. Prevent that loss by trusting Blue Jean Networks. Our specialists understand that technology has become an integral part of today’s society. When your technology is down, so is your business.

We are dedicated to keeping your technology up to date and running, allowing you to dedicate your time and attention to improving your business. Contact Blue Jean Networks today for more information on our managed services and change the way you think about IT.

Why Are Managed Services Important?

Your team relies on technology to do their job. When your technology begins to fail or the infrastructure becomes broken, an entire workday can be lost. With Blue Jean Networks TruProactive™ Managed Services, we strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure while performing day-to-day maintenance. This ensures that your business remains up and running, making you more money.

We accomplish this by providing your company with an exceptional outsourced IT department. This allows us to quickly handle any situation that may arise and prevent your company from experiencing a detrimental downtime. Our services are shown to reduce ongoing issues by as much as 80%.

By doing this, Blue Jean Networks creates alignment between your company and ours. We understand that, as a team, when you succeed, we succeed.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

Blue Jean Networks provides its clients with Peace of Mind. We focus on taking care of your IT to give you the freedom to make decisions concerning the growth of your business. We provide professional and unlimited IT support for our clients, combined with a proactive modification of your IT infrastructure.

This allows us to solve potential problems before they ever strike. We help improve your business’s IT infrastructure, allowing your technology to work without a hitch and improve productivity.

Reliable and Proactive Support is just one of the many benefits you receive from partnering with Blue Jean Networks. We have studied what can go wrong in a network. This allows us to not only fix your IT problems when something goes awry but also identify and mitigate problems before they occur.

Strategic IT Planning with Blue Jean Networks allows you to think towards the future. We give you valuable advice on the future of your company’s technological advancements. We make sure that your company is keeping up with the best in IT infrastructure and software by ensuring that everything is up to date. This helps you avoid the risk of downtime, nasty viruses, or computer crashes.

Flat-Rate Managed IT Services

Blue Jean Networks knows that every dollar counts. We want our clients to feel comfortable and know exactly how much they are budgeting for their technology. We give our clients the power to get issues resolved without worrying about their bill increasing. We do this by providing a flat-rate IT service to guarantee your needs are met when needed. Not only will you be improving your IT performance, but you are also seeing your dollar in action, as well as saving money.

Supplement Your Current Internal IT

We understand that some companies have their own internal IT department. We do not want to replace them. Instead, we want to become an aid for your internal IT services by providing the blocking and tackling that is so easy to miss, and freeing them up for the important initiatives you have to accomplish in your firm. As they say, “two heads are better than one,” and Blue Jean Networks definitely helps take your internal IT department to the next level. Avoid downtimes from a missed issue within your IT infrastructure by calling in the aid of Blue Jeans Networks managed services.

Don’t let your company lose any more business or be stalled any longer from faulty technology. Allow Blue Jean Networks to help you take your company to the next level with our professional managed services. We help you take your mind off of worrying about potential technological failure and give your business the freedom to take care of your clients/customers. Contact us today to learn more about our managed services and other IT support.