New Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is More Secure than Office 365

How to Upgrade Your Microsoft 365 Security and icons of Microsoft Office apps all being held in a pair of open hands.

Microsoft has taken security to a whole new level with their new upgrade to Office 365 called Microsoft 365 Business Premium. It has all the tools and capabilities of Office 365 but has added a ton of new safety and security items to help you keep your business running.

Features of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Warning: This is a long list of way more secure systems that come with Microsoft 365 Business Premium. Your eyes may glaze over with some of this tech talk.

Everything in Office 365, plus all these features:

  • Sophisticated email attachment scanning and AI-powered analysis to detect and discard dangerous messages.
  • Automatic checks of links in email to assess if they’re part of a phishing scheme. This keeps you safe from accessing unsafe websites.
  • Additional security features, such as management of macOS devices, iPhone, and Android devices, along with advanced device management for Windows.
  • Conditional access features including:
    • Access to systems or files based on username, group, and role
    • Access based on an application used
    • Access based on location; only allow access from trusted IP ranges or specific countries (Geo-filtering)
    • Require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for access
    • Block access to apps that use old, insecure authentication methods
    • Require apps that access your data to use protection provided by Intune
    • Custom authentication such as MFA with third-party providers, for example, DUO.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) will detect sensitive information like credit card numbers, Social Security Numbers, and more
  • Exchange Online Archiving is included
  • You can mark files, emails, and documents with Sensitivity Labels to ensure they are not shared with just anybody
  • Bitlocker encryption controls
  • Remove company data from devices remotely
  • Reset Windows Devices to factory settings remotely
  • Application Management for Apple and Android phones and tablets.
  • Next-Gen Anti-Virus protection with Defender (See Gartner Report)
  • Built-in protection against Ransomware
  • Stop automatic forwarding of email
  • Email Encryption included
  • See Microsoft’s own website for more information.
Microsoft Office 365 Premium

Stop Attack Vulnerabilities With Office 365 Business Premium!

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