IT Services Frequently Asked Questions

Your business depends on information technology to operate smoothly at all times. So when IT-related issues occur, it can be stressful and debilitating to day-to-day duties trying to solve them. Thankfully, the team at Blue Jean Networks is a one-stop resource for all your IT needs. Whether you need a virtual CIO to aid in a smoother customer service experience or a team to improve your network’s security, you can rely on our expertise.

At Blue Jean Networks, we get a lot of questions concerning our IT services and how they can benefit businesses. Our team is dedicated to educating our clients and community to promote the success of businesses. That’s why we created this FAQ guide to answer your most commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions or would like to learn more about Blue Jean Networks IT services, do not hesitate to contact our team!

Why Do I Need an IT Consultant?

Business owners have a lot to think about. And while everything from new product testing to managing the direction and growth of your business may be top of mind, IT may not be. Implementing the right IT hardware and software is essential to the continued productivity and success of your business. You don’t want everything to come to a grinding halt because of outdated or faulty technology, so you must think about your IT strategy.

IT consultants take expert care of IT systems, allowing business owners to concentrate on other areas of business. By partnering with Blue Jeans Network, you are ensuring the continued growth of your business with a dedicated IT consultant at your side to assist you through the set up and maintenance of your IT system.

What Does the Consultation Process Look Like?

At Blue Jean Networks, our goal is to ensure that your business can grow and reach your goals by implementing an IT strategy that works seamlessly with your business model. To do this, our IT consultants practice the following:

  • Initial IT consultation: We sit down with you to learn about your business, its objectives, and what strategies you currently have in place.
  • Evaluation: Next, our team evaluates your current system, noting what’s working, what needs tweaking, and if there are any gaps.
  • Provide feedback and recommendations: Our team provides detailed feedback on your current IT system and makes recommendations regarding what can be done to ensure that your IT systems are better supporting your business goals.
  • Implementation of new IT strategies: Finally, our team works alongside your team to implement the new IT strategies. We also provide training for your team, allowing them to better understand the solutions being implemented and ensuring they are set up for success.

How Long Will I Need an IT Consultant?

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This depends on the needs of your business. Some businesses may find that they just need to have their IT software updated or replaced to better suit their business’s model and goals. Other businesses may need more ongoing training and support as they build up their IT systems, network, or team. Larger projects could take a year or more to implement. It all depends on what your business’s goals are and what is already in place to meet those goals. However long your business needs assistance, our team will be there. 

When Should I Hire an IT Consultant?

An IT consultant can aid your business in handling any IT issues you may face or help better set up your business’s IT strategy to meet your goals. Whether you are a small business just starting out or a larger corporation that has been working for years, an IT consultant can ensure that your business’s IT supports rather than hinders your business’s growth.

Here are a few indications that can let you know it is the right time to bring in an IT specialist:

You’re Concerned Over the Safety of Your Business’s Data: 

An essential part of any business, data must be safeguarded from hackers and system failures resulting in data loss. Customer data is essential for knowing what areas of your business are working well, what strategies are driving sales, and which products/services are doing the best. Without data, you cannot possibly make informed decisions about how your business should operate. As your business grows, the strategy of how you store, access, and secure your data will also need to be developed. An IT consultant can help you do just that.

Your Current IT Team Is Unsure Of How to Handle the New Project You Are Working On

IT is an ever-changing industry and what worked a few years ago may not work now. Ongoing training is essential for the health and wellbeing of your IT systems, but not every business can afford for their IT team to undergo such training. If this is the case, then an IT specialist can be called in to ensure that your current IT project is going to be a success and not a disaster. We can also help you implement new strategies and handle more complex tasks while your team focuses on their daily tasks. Then, we can train your team on the newly implemented strategies.

There Is Too Much Technology to Choose From


New businesses may feel overwhelmed with the number of choices you have to make concerning IT. From network security to the type of software your company is going to use, there are a lot of options available. An IT consultant can help you make the right decisions for your business’s needs.

You Have an IT Crisis

From viruses to hackers and even phishing schemes, you need to be sure that your business has an IT crisis plan. If you don’t, not only can your business’s data be in danger but it could also affect the overall reputation of your business. An IT consultant can ensure that you have the right tools and plan in hand to protect your business’s vital information and know what to do in case of an IT crisis.

What IT Consulting Services Does Blue Jean Network Offer? 

An IT consultant from Blue Jean Networks can help your business with the following:

Improve Your IT and Support Your Business’s Growth

As one of the top Managed IT Service providers and IT consulting agencies in the DFW metroplex, you can guarantee that when you team up with us, your IT systems are in good hands. Contact our team today for more information on our IT services or to schedule a consultation with one of our IT specialists!