A laptop computer with a stethoscope and a notice about the COVID-19 Coronavirus on the screen By Sunny Lowe on March 26th, 2020 in Blue Jean Networks Blogs

Blue Jean Networks is open for business during this critical time, as we are a critical infrastructure company. We know many of you are hurting right now, and we hurt with you. If you are already a client, you can be sure that we will help you with your issue, or will reach out to one of our other partners in the area to help you quickly. If you are looking to become a new client, we want to welcome you aboard. We look forward to helping you, as well.

Right now, we are working from home except for 1 or 2 employees who are working at the office to receive the critical equipment you have ordered through us. If your network is down, we will help you get it back up. Just call us for details. We are practicing social distancing, so 13 of our 15 employees are working from home as of today.

We are currently experiencing a surge of activity due to helping so many users work from home. This surge will pass soon.

Tarrant and Dallas counties are both “Quarantine in Place” currently. While we are exempt from this, we are ensuring that you are able to continue to receive support from us, by limiting all contact with clients except in extreme need.

Please, if you have an issue, email us at Support@BlueJeanNetworks.com. A ticket will be produced and we will act in the order they are received in, generally. At times, certain issues will affect more users than others, and these will be given priority. If your issue is urgent, please call us at our regular number of (817) 231-0222 and we will help.

We are working diligently through a surge in activity currently to help people get setup remotely. About the time the current surge of home implementations passes, we will be receiving the first wave of equipment you recently ordered for homebound users, and we will be rolling that out next.

We will publish updates on a web page in our signatures, like mine below. You can get more details there about what is going on currently.

Sunny Lowe
Please Read for BJN Covid Updates

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