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Understanding the Modern Office
Building a more productive business through innovative technology

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Blue Jean Networks’ IT Threat Glossary
Understand what threats are in store for your business. The Internet can be a…

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Understanding Business Continuity

A Well-Structured Continuity Plan Can Save Your Business When the sky is falling on…

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Understanding the Internet of Things
Understanding the Internet of Things Is your business ready for it? As technology grows…

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Understanding Network Security
Understanding Network Security Maximizing Your Business’ Security Businesses are often so concerned with their…

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Understanding SOx
IT Compliance for Accountants For accountants that deal with publicly owned companies, ensuring your…

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Understanding BYOD
Mobile Strategies: Bring Your Own Device The proliferation of security measures in response to…

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Understanding PCI DSS
Understanding PCI DSS Blue Jean Networks provides solutions for companies searching for a secure interface in…

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Understanding HIPAA
Understanding HIPAA Laws for the secure and private transfer of individual’s medical information. The…

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Cloud Computing
The Definition of Cloud Computing Free yourself from traditional IT with Cloud Services Cloud…