12 years and Getting Stronger

Our company is stronger due to constant uptime and avoidance of downtime, and when I add the great technical support I get for issues or new needs, it puts the icing on the cake.
We haven’t worked with many other IT groups for the last 12+ years because Blue Jean has supported our company so well. One of the best things they do is make themselves available at any time to solve real time issues.
I know other companies with complaints related to response times, with Blue Jean Networks we never have that issue.

Marty Oakes
Caffey Group
Arlington, TX

Blue Jean Networks Gives Peace of Mind

Blue Jean Network’s biggest impact for CentraSol, is they give us peace of mind! If something goes wrong, we have someone knowledgeable in all aspects of IT. If we are down, we can’t work. They keep us up, but it is more than that.

BJN is much more involved in our company than I expected. I like the fact that their system scales based on their belief to not let their clients suffer. The time frames for getting our problems solved are never in question. BJN takes their ticket response times very seriously. The amount of work they put in to make sure their clients are not left behind, no matter how big or small, is something not all IT services do. BJN even reaches out to our vendors to make sure we have a smooth-running implementation for any software we try to integrate within our process.

If you are looking at I.T. support, I can tell you if you choose BJN you will not be disappointed in your decision. For most companies, it is much easier to outsource IT and have all the expertise provided for you. Trying to find, support and employ IT at the same level of understanding is just not feasible. You get what you pay for.

Mike Johnson
Burleson, TX

Responsive, Reliable and Efficient

With Blue Jean Networks, we benefit by increasing reliability and efficiency with the technological tools used to manage our business.

They are available 24/7, respond quickly, and follow up with us until the issue is completely resolved.

Choose Blue Jean Networks. They will make managing your company’s technology so much easier!

Vicki Jinks

Vicki Jinks
Vice President
Creative Sales Consulting
Euless, TX

Met and Exceeds Our High Expectations

As a growing financial services firm, it is imperative we have an IT partner that can provide critical IT guidance and support and properly safeguard our data.

From the start of our relationship with Blue Jean Networks, BJN’s team has exceeded our high expectations and has protected our systems as if they were their own. Each member of the team is thorough, responsive, and knowledgeable. Furthermore, they make recommendations to leverage our systems for better business results; they don’t merely troubleshooting day-to-day issues.

They have quickly become a trusted partner, and we feel confident leaning on them for expertise as we continue to grow.

Carly Lywood

Carly Lywood, CPA
FranFund, Inc.

When Others Can’t, Blue Jean Networks Delivers!

This is my first time owning a company and NOT having to be concerned with if or how
the technology works. Cyber Security is critical to our company. Blue Jean Networks is
instrumental in writing and implementing our cybersecurity plan and continues to
manage and improve this aspect of my company. On top of this, I have access to a
whole staff of experts to keep my business running.

The expertise and response BJN delivers is unmatched! We rarely have an issue
that is not fixed within 15-20 minutes, allowing my team to stay productive. BJN’s
suggestions have kept the entire office connected when others are down. When our
primary internet service was down for days at a time, they had already proposed and
installed a secondary ISP. If we have a problem with QuickBooks, VOIP phones,
software… we call BJN!

I could not hire a person to do all the things BJN does for us, even for twice what we
pay. If you think you can’t afford BJN, try them for a couple of months. I would like to
see if you can be as successful without them. If you run a business that is
dependent on technology in any way, you must have experts like BJN to help manage
it. I’ve never worked with a better IT firm.

Tony Loth

Tony Loth
Bailey Hardware & Hydraulic Fittings Inc.
Fort Worth, TX

Problem Solvers, Best Support and Safe Network

The biggest benefit since moving to BJN’s Managed Services is that we can focus
on our business because we know our data and network are safe.

Blue Jean Networks hires the best technical support in the business that I have had
a pleasure to work with. Talk to Sunny and meet their team. IT managed services is
all about the people and BJN has the best.

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, the BJN support staff will dig into the
problem until it is solved, and they are available seven days a week.

Craig Adams
PURO Energy Partners, Managing Partner
Fort Worth, TX

Blue Jean All the Way

I run a law firm in Fort Worth. Blue Jean Networks gives us fast problem solving and no
hacking or cyber intrusions into our systems. They provide a quick and competent
service. Don’t look back! Choose Blue Jean all the way!

Robert Haslam

Robert Haslam
Attorney at Law
The Haslam Firm
Fort Worth, TX

Trustworthy, Honest and Proven Group

The greatest benefit since moving to Blue Jean Networks is outsourced trustworthy,
honest, proven group that handles the day to day expertly behind the scenes
cheaper than we could do it ourselves. I appreciate that they are up to speed on the
latest and greatest. If there is a problem, they are responsive and stay on it until it is

BJN’s team are knowledgeable and they know me and my business. They know our
setup and I am not starting over at zero each time.

Try them, and you will love their service! You get high integrity and a quick response to
your problems, along with senior level response when needed. They provide
expertise, value, and flexibility to grow with your business.

Eric Gilchrest

Eric Gilchrest
Integrita Capital Partners
Southlake, TX

Peace of Mind – Priceless

Our previous IT support would put us off for a day or two, to solve even routine
problems. With Blue Jean Networks we can rest assured that the problem will be
resolved quickly. Their responsiveness and ability to call upon one of their many
experts to solve a particular problem is unmatched.

You truly get what you pay for – a business owner needs that peace of mind knowing
that security, technical issues, and the proper equipment can respond to their needs in
this competitive world.

Carol Holley

Carol Holley
Interior Design Group
Fort Worth, TX

Problem = Solved, Stress = Gone.

Hiring Blue Jean Networks has been like having an entire IT department on staff for
the fraction of the cost of a single employee. This team is highly skilled technically
AND they go out of their way to provide outstanding customer service. They are
responsive, helpful, and proactive in making sure our business runs smoothly.

Imagine the cost of your TIME for having to figure out and implement the myriad
technical issues that come your way each week. Having BJN on your team is like
having an entire team of IT professionals at your disposal. If I am having a
technical challenge, I simply pick up the phone and call BJN. Problem = Solved.
Stress = Gone.

Ken Wimberly
KW Net Lease Advisors
Fort Worth, TX

Great Firm, Good Values and Customer Service Oriented

With Blue Jean Networks we’ve gained a backup of experienced IT professionals during
our software conversion.

Better than other IT Firms we may have worked with in the past we appreciate that they
are customer service oriented and available until the job is finished.

They are a great firm with good values and are helpful and professional.

Angela Hamilton
Lon Smith Roofing
Fort Worth, TX

There is None Better

The single biggest benefit we’ve gained since using Blue Jean Networks as our IT
Service Provider is fast and professional service.

Better than other IT firms we’ve worked with in the past BJN’s staff and techs are
highly qualified, well trained professionals.

Take my word for it, we have been working with BJN for several years and there is
none better! A lot of bang for your buck!

Steve McCune
Steve McCune
McCune Construction Services Group
Fort Worth, TX

There Isn’t an IT Problem They Can’t Solve

Blue Jean Networks delivers excellent response when my company is experiencing
an IT issue. I’ve never had a bad experience with the support team.

Because BJN can access my system remotely, I don’t have to make a service call or
schedule a time for an onsite visit. The issue is addressed from the minute I submit a
help ticket and remains open until issue is resolved.

If you’re on the fence about choosing BJN as your IT firm, ask a lot of questions and let
them know both your major and minor concerns. Their team will patiently explain your
options and make sure you understand their recommendations. There isn’t an IT
problem they can’t solve!

Kelli Ladewig
Office Manager
Mid-Cities Manufacturing
Grand Prairie, TX

Quick Access to IT Professionals

For me, the single biggest benefit to partnering with Blue Jean Networks is the quick
access to an IT professional to diagnose and solve my technology challenges.

When I call Blue Jean Networks, they recognize I am having an issue that is
impacting my ability to be productive. Their IT professionals are great at
communicating with me and help me understand the challenge and get it resolved.

Kenneth Fischer
Director, Quality and Standards
Fort Worth, TX

Reliable, Responsive and Awesome Staff

The single biggest benefit to Riverside since we started using Blue Jean Networks as
our I.T. Service Provider is reliability.

BJN is better than other IT firms we have worked with in the past. We like their
responsiveness and ability to find solutions to solve our problems quickly.
If you are on the fence about choosing the Blue Jean Networks team, remember, they
will get you results and have awesome staff members!

Tronnia Smith
Tronnia Smith
Riverside Inc.
Arlington, TX

Blue Jean Networks Keeps Us Secure!

Blue Jean Networks provides excellent IT customer service and helps us not only when
we have a problem, but also to helps us plan our IT needs for the future and keeps
us secure!

They have outstanding personal service and are current on technology needs for small
business like us.

The BJN team goes the extra mile to help with your IT needs and service. They are
always pleasant to our employees and helpful with even the smallest of issues.

Honor Rowe
Honor Rowe
Vice President
Royer Commercial Interiors
Fort Worth, TX

With Blue Jean Networks, We Freed Our Staff from Daily IT Issues

The biggest advantage since using Blue Jean Networks is freeing our valued staff from
daily IT issues.

We have only worked with one other IT company which was a one man show. For us
BJN offers immediate responses and confidence.

I would suggest speaking with Jim Brittain before making a decision. He sold us and is a
huge asset to us.

Kelly Royer
Kelley Royer
Royer Commercial Interiors
Fort Worth, TX

We Love Blue Jean Networks Customer Service

The YMCA is a large complex organization. Our technology is spread all over the city, in
Johnson and Hood Counties and it is challenging to support. BJN gives us a huge set
of skills that we add to our team to leverage across our network.
BJN does something most technical companies don’t do. BJN keeps their technicians
happy, and they stay around for a long time. Our relationships with these technicians
are real and interactive. They know us and our systems (and our quirks) very well.
In the past, the Corporate driven MSPs we had seemed focused on maintaining their
monthly revenue rather than maintaining our systems. BJN’s method provides a
service that just feels more personal. Our personal relationships provide a real
collaborative environment where we can find solutions together for our issues. It keeps
our systems well maintained and avoids issues in the first place.

Stephanie Mischke
Executive Director – Financial Operations Resource Team
YMCA of Metropolitan Fort Worth

We Love Blue Jean Networks Customer Service

Blue Jean Networks delivers a quick response when we have any issue. We love your
customer service and your guys treat us great, even though most of our people are
not very techy.
People we have worked with in the past have had terrible service and customer service.
Not BJN!

If you’re thinking of choosing Blue Jean Networks as your IT firm, do it and you won’t
regret it!

Jill Moore
YPA Firm
Santo, TX