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What Are Managed Services?

Managed Services, or Managed IT Services, is IT support and management that comes from a third-party provider known as the Managed Services Provider or MSP. A Managed Services Provider can provide a range of support to fit your needs, from keeping the business’s current IT equipment functional to full IT Team outsourcing.

Blue Jean Networks offers unparalleled Managed Services to the businesses of the DFW area. We keep your technology up to date and running strong, allowing your team to focus its time and attention on meeting your customers’ needs. Our goal is to provide the exact IT support you need, whether that means acting as a full IT Team for a business with little to no internal IT capabilities or supporting an experienced IT team by taking some of the day-to-day tasks off their hands.

Why Would My Business Need Managed Services?

Most businesses have incorporated the many benefits of technology into their day-to-day operations; in this day and age, it’s practically a necessity. When that technology begins to fail, the entire workday can be lost, costing your business valuable time and money. Blue Jean Networks solves this problem through our Tru-Proactive™ Managed Services.

Our Tru-Proactive™ Managed Services strategically optimizes and protects your infrastructure while performing day-to-day maintenance. This ensures that your business remains up and running, keeping your team productive so that you can make money—not lose it. Our services are shown to reduce ongoing issues by as much as 80%.

What Type of Managed IT Services Does Blue Jean Networks Offer?

  • Virtual CIO: Develops an IT plan for your company that is designed to save you money and optimize performance.
  • Network Care: Protects your company from malware and data theft with top-of-the-line network care!
  • Server Care: Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians monitor and manage your servers to keep them running efficiently. We also keep an eye out for threats that could put your organization at risk and use proactive measures to keep your business safe.
  • Desktop and User Care: Provides comprehensive preventative maintenance services remotely to keep your employees working and not worrying about IT issues.
  • Spam Protection: Blue Jean Networks offers unparalleled spam protection services, eliminating spam before it ever hits your inbox.
  • Vendor Management: Manage your business relationships instead of worrying about hardware or software vendors. Blue Jean Networks offers better and faster support through our single point of contact.
  • SOC: A process of evaluating service companies in a standardized way to show their compliance efforts.

What Companies Are a Good Candidate for Managed Services?

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All businesses, whether big or small, can benefit from Managed Services. Smaller or medium-sized businesses can benefit from having full IT services provided by an outside party so that they can focus their time and energy on their core business while maintaining stable operational costs.

Larger businesses can also benefit from having a Managed Service Provider to handle day-to-day tasks. This gives their IT team more flexibility and resources to handle larger projects.

Companies that would benefit the most from Blue Jean Network’s Tru-Proactive™ Managed Services are businesses that need 24/7 monitoring. With Blue Jean’s proactive approach, we handle issues before they become major problems and use the knowledge we gain from each experience to further improve our services.

What Benefits Can I Expect When Partnering With Blue Jean Networks?

Blue Jean Networks offers our clients peace of mind; we take care of your business’s IT needs so that you can focus on growing your business. Our professional and unlimited IT support is combined with our proactive modification of the IT infrastructure to give you the best of both worlds. Instead of reacting to problems as they occur, we proactively monitor your systems, keeping an eye for the first sign of trouble and acting before catastrophe strikes.

All of our clients agree that they receive the following benefits from our services:

  • Reliable and Proactive Support: Our team is engaged in ongoing learning so that we know the warning signs of what can go wrong with your network. This allows our team to identify and solve problems before they affect your business.
  • Strategic IT Planning: Blue Jean Networks is dedicated to helping our clients think towards the future. We make suggestions about how you can improve your company’s technological infrastructure to support and promote the growth of your business. With Blue Jean updating your systems, you can expect less downtime, eliminate nasty viruses, and avoid computer crashes.
  • Flat-Rates: Our team knows that every dollar counts. That is why we give our clients the power to get issues resolved without worrying about their bill increasing. By providing a flat-rate IT service, we guarantee that your needs are met, your IT continues to improve, and you know where every dollar is going.

Interested In Teaming Up With Blue Jean Networks?

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Don’t let faulty technology be the reason your business’s growth stalls. Instead, let Blue Jean Networks take your company to the next level by investing in our professional Managed Services. With our support, you can stop worrying about potential technological failure, and start focusing on your business’s growth and supporting your team. Contact Blue Jean Networks today for more information on our Managed Services or about our other IT support services!