How to Protect Your Identity From Hackers?

Every year, thousands of people suffer from identity theft. Unlike other crimes where the damage is visible right away, victims of identity theft often don’t find out until it is too late and their life is already tragically altered. In 2020, 1.4 million people were victims of identity theft. These victims reported losses that totaled […]

How to Protect Your Remote Workers From Ransomware

More businesses are turning to either a remote or a hybrid work model where employees spend some time working from home or working in the office. While this has allowed businesses to give their employees more freedom and flexibility, this has also removed them from the protection of the internal corporate network. Instead, work is […]

What Is a Firewall?

Technology has become a vital tool for many households and businesses across the world. From bloggers, YouTubers, retail, hospitals, and even government dealings, the World Wide Web and computers are no longer seen as a luxury but a must-have resource. Unfortunately, with the introduction of the Web, businesses and households must protect themselves from the […]