By Sunny Lowe on May 21st, 2014 in Blue Jean Networks Blogs

I have had a varied job life. At my core, I am extremely loyal, yet so many times I have run up against people who understood loyalty differently than I did. The result of this was difficult for me, but at its heart, it was me being at the wrong company.

Usually, I left. Sometimes I was asked to leave. This was really hard for me. These were not monsters, or evil people. They were people who’s values were not aligned with mine. I could either be mad, or I could grow from the experience and be mad. (lets be real here).

Eventually, I realized, to have a company that had my values, I had to make that company. (I also had to get over being mad. Oh well, it felt good at the time. 😉

So I started Blue Jean Networks. Its purpose is to help companies with the challenges of Technology, and to master those challenges with them, and help make those companies powerful engines for our community.

To do this, we had to have several things.

We had to be really good at technology.
We had to care about the people we served.
We had to give our value to as many people as we could.
This meant having more than just me. We had to be a Team. We had to have specific vision and responsibilities. We had to grow ourselves to be who our clients needed us to be. We had to have each other’s back. (How am I supposed to figure all this out?)

So we needed Values and Commitments to each other.

We will be givers.
We will always have each other’s back.
We will be learners and teachers.
We will be honest with each other, and trust each other to be honest with us.
We will own our mistakes, and help each other out of the mistakes we make.
We will tell the hard truth, to each other, and to our clients, when necessary, with Love. Always with Love.
We will help each other when things are bad.
This kind of stuff is who we are, and who we want to be. Some of it is present. It is who we are right now. Some is aspirational, and we have to remind each other to live up to these standards to become what we desire to be.