By Sunny Lowe on November 11th, 2015 in Blue Jean Networks Blogs

I’m here at Epcot Center talking about security. Disney does security GREAT! (see the video)

As our client, you are receiving a level of security that generally, only pure security firms provide. It begins out on the internet, where we filter your email for threats, as well as spam. Then we use OpenDNS to ensure you can’t get to infected web servers. Next, we use a Unified Threat Management firewall on your network, to filter viruses and other threat attack vectors.

Next we use Anti-Virus software on your workstations and servers to get threats that other people bring into your environment.

We lock down your PCs so even if you wanted to, you could not install a virus by accident. Lastly, we run anti-malware software against your PCs for those sneaky ones that get through.