By Sunny Lowe on November 25th, 2015 in Blue Jean Networks Blogs

Why would your boss call on Thanksgiving!! Or in your case, is it a client?  Either way, they want this file, and it is at the office, and to get it, you are going to have to leave the great table set before you and head out to the office on a holiday.

But you work for a client supported by Blue Jean Networks! You don’t have to go!  BJN provides two ways to connect to your PC at work from home. VPN and LogMeIn.

VPN is a secure tunnel through the internet from your PC to the office network. Using a VPN you can connect and download files easily. You can’t run a lot of programs over a VPN however.

For that, we have LogMeIn, a tool that allows you to remote control your PC at work. With that tool, many aplications can be run remotely, which cannot be run over a VPN.

These are complimentary resources to you because you are a client of BJN.  Setting up these two tools and running them is complimentary with your management contract.

Simply talk to your Boss or your Security Officer, and get approval to work remotely, then BJN will set this up for you and support you using it, even on Thanksgiving!!