Mobile Device Security Tips

Joe woke up, and the problems were already well on their way. There were emails indicating strange activity, a call from his bank, his boss had texted him asking if he new how their files were getting corrupted, and the home screen on his phone had changed to a skull and crossbones. His phone was […]

The Benefits of a Proactive IT Plan

As with every Monday morning, your team comes in from a relaxing weekend, ready to get back to the grind. They grab their steaming cups of coffee, sit down at their desks, catch up for a few minutes with their coworkers, and then get to work as their computers finish booting up. While checking emails, […]

How Safe is Your Email?

Joe’s email got compromised today. He didn’t do the right things to protect himself, and is now paying a huge price. First, the bad guys got into his email and learned how he writes his emails, what his signatures look like and who he emails regularly. Then they made a plan, and he lost over […]

Is Google IT Training Worth It?

Let’s face it. We are dead without our computers. Because of that, it is no wonder that the world of IT has become a great field to get into. However, individuals looking to work in the IT field may not know where to start. Because of this, many vendors like Google and Microsoft have started […]

Questions to Ask Before Buying Business Software

Investing in new software for your business can feel like an overwhelming task. Not only do you need to worry about cost, but software and data maintenance also needs to be taken into consideration. Here are some questions you need to ask your software vendor before investing to make sure you are getting the best deal: What […]