How to Protect Your Remote Workers From Ransomware

More businesses are turning to either a remote or a hybrid work model where employees spend some time working from home or working in the office. While this has allowed businesses to give their employees more freedom and flexibility, this has also removed them from the protection of the internal corporate network. Instead, work is […]

Why Should I Upgrade to Microsoft 365?

In 2020, Microsoft rebranded and re-released its popular Microsoft Office 365 as Microsoft 365. While most of the program’s features remain relatively the same, some key differences may make the upgrade worth the cost. Many of our clients have been asking our team what makes Microsoft 365 better than the traditional Microsoft Office. To help […]

Microsoft Teams Tips

More and more businesses are turning to Microsoft Teams for their day-to-day operations. To date, Microsoft Teams boasts over 300,000 different businesses and 115 million active daily users on its platform at any given time. If your business has just joined Microsoft Teams, but is still trying to get used to the platform, then these […]

Mobile Device Security Tips

Joe woke up, and the problems were already well on their way. There were emails indicating strange activity, a call from his bank, his boss had texted him asking if he new how their files were getting corrupted, and the home screen on his phone had changed to a skull and crossbones. His phone was […]

The Benefits of a Proactive IT Plan

As with every Monday morning, your team comes in from a relaxing weekend, ready to get back to the grind. They grab their steaming cups of coffee, sit down at their desks, catch up for a few minutes with their coworkers, and then get to work as their computers finish booting up. While checking emails, […]