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9 Reasons to Consider Blue Jean Networks

Our clients want to grow and be profitable. It’s that simple. Our services help your business save time and money and leverage your infrastructure to grow. Companies grow by offloading support work to team members and third parties like Blue Jean Networks who can focus on the great things they can do. With our team, you get a flat monthly rate and a money-back guarantee. We help your business get their life back with great IT, planning, security, and more.

Still unsure what separates Blue Jean Networks from the competition? Here are 9 more reasons to put your trust in our team!

1. No Long-Term Contracts

Our clients love the fact that our 90-day contract keeps our team on its toes. Here is a little secret. Our clients rarely leave. Why? Because we know they can, and so we do what is necessary to make it happen. Every day. Every time.

2. We Understand Larger Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Industrial Clients

Experience is key. Blue Jean Networks was born out of Oil and Gas. Our IT team is specially trained to meet the needs of all our clients. We know that manufacturing, oil and gas, and industrial companies have different needs than other office jobs. This is why we ensure that our team is well versed in the specialized IT needs of these businesses. We offer support for AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CNC, SCADA systems, and so much more.

3. We Have Mastered the Art of Working with Remote Offices

Our clients have offices all over the country. We have figured this out. Blue Jean Networks has the tools and systems in place which allow us to reboot almost anything remotely. The result is unparalleled IT support served up at a distance that can give you onsite services when they are needed. Whatever your I.T. needs are, you can rest assured that our team has been down this road before. 

4. Our Phones Are Answered by Our Techs

When our clients call in, they talk to caring technicians who can help! They tell us the urgency of the problem, we don’t get to decide. Let our team know what you need and we will drop everything to ensure that your issue is resolved quickly, allowing your team to get back to work.

5. We Are Cyber Masters and Include a 10 Layer Cyber Suite for Every Client

A little secret in our industry. Some clients get better security than others. The reason is, most companies don’t charge enough to include all the required security tools necessary to make your network safe. We include over 10 layers of security with every client, and if you need Government level CMMC kind of security, we can provide that, as well.

Listen to Tony Loth from Bailey Hydraulics. He says, “Cybersecurity is critical to our company. Blue Jean Networks is instrumental in writing and implementing our cybersecurity plan and continues to manage and improve this aspect of my company.”

If you need standards-based security such as CMMC, HIPAA, or SOC2, then we are the company for you! But even if you don’t, you still need great security, and you get that with your BJN team.

6. Our Team Starts Tickets Within the First 8 Minutes of getting Them

We are fast. That is it. We start fast, and we get the work done quickly. Our average time on a service call is less than 1 hour, and more than 50% are completed within the same day.

7. We Are the Highest Rated IT Service Company in DFW

Our Google ratings and show over 100 5-star ratings. All of our services are ranked highly by our consumers, showing the unwavering dedication of our team to keep your business running strong. When you succeed, we succeed!

8. We Only Hire the Best Then Make Them Better

No IT company in town puts their techs through a hiring process like ours. They have to be good people first, then love technology. Then add in the depth and breadth of our training. Our team has over 112 certifications, averaging 10 per employee, and we are sure that no other company can match our extensive knowledge!

9. Our Employees Are Loyal, Which Means Your IT Issues Are Understood

Our employees average over 5 years with our company and our technical team averages over 7 years. Loyalty, dedication, and passion are what drives our business.

When you are looking for an IT Company to support your team, you will find no one better than the talented team at Blue Jean Networks. Contact our team today for more information on our services and find out how our team can take your business to the next level!